"The writing is on the wall for the Australian dream," according toProfessor Joe Flood at the Flinders University Institute for Housing, Urban and Regional Research. That was before recent predictions that Australia’s overheated housing market may be headed for even higher prices. Real estate experts have recently predicted a doubling of house prices in all five of the largest metropolitan areas over the next decade.

Not everyone thinks that house prices can continue their stratospheric rise. US investment expert Edward Chancellor believes that the housing market is overdue for a price collapse, noting that house prices are well above historic measures. Chancellor won the George Polk award for his 2007 article Ponzi Nation, which warned of the housing collapse in the United States and the international damage that could follow. Of course, a housing collapse in Australia would have much less impact on international markets than the one that rocked the much larger US economy, but could do great damage at home.

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