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Dear Sir…
Bedminster, NJ

Thank you for your comment. The limited space available for articles like this means that has to pick and choose about what is said. if

If I lived in Bedminster, you can bet that I would never drive to Manhattan and would take the train every time. I have many times driven into New York and will do anything to avoid the backup at the circuitous entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel and then the long ordeal of trying to find parking.

Transit serves Manhattan very well… better than anywhere in the nation. At the same time, however, transit simply does not serve the majority of travel destinations, even in the New York area (which is far better served by transit than any other US metropolitan area). Forever, I would surely drive to work in New Brunswick if I lived in Bedminster. Generally, the data shows that few people commute to job locations in New Jersey by transit (except for Jersey City and Hoboken), simply because the service is so bad. My point was that there could never be enough money to remedy that.

My larger point is that transit does a very good job of getting people to dense cores, like Manhattan south of 59 Street. As for the rest of the community, it does far more poorly and often does not serve areas at all. This is not just in New York, but it is also in Paris and London.

Best regards,
Wendell Cox

Letter from Reader…

I disagree with your assessment on why people do not use transit. I think it is the price and hassle many times. I am going to take my 11 year old to Washington DC in early November. I would like to take the train from NJ to Union Station DC. The roundtrip ticket is $268.50, parking is another $45.00. Why on God’s green earth would I even consider it at these rates? This is not including the 45 minute drive to Islen, NJ.

I take the train to NYC all the time with my son, it was a great way to get in and out without having to drive in The City or pay parking. Well, the geniuses created the light rail system that forces the trains to go through Secaucus before heading to New York Penn Station. I can’t even get to Hoboken to take the PATH without changing trains in Newark now a days. In this instance the hassle is getting greater but the driving hassle is still greatest. The price isn’t bad ($18.50 round trip – kids free on weekends).

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