New York Post Gets it Wrong on MTA Fare Hike

The New York Post editorializes against what it calls "Another TWU Fare Hike," blaming the union for the fares that will now rise to $2.50 for a ride. The editorial writer goes on to say of MTA chief Jay Walder, "It’s not his fault that straphangers get whacked while the MTA’s unionized workers — whose blue collars come with fur trim — don’t have to make a single sacrifice to meet the MTA’s shortfall."

In response, I posted the following comment to the New York Post site:

Not his fault? Well, perhaps not personally. But surely it is the responsibility of the MTA and those in Albany who have skewed law labor and regulation to create this untenable situation. It is about time that public officials, such as those who run the MTA, be held account for what they have given away to the unions. The unions could not have taken it without the agreement of the MTA and other local and state political officials.


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