New York Political Leadership Forces Another Fare Hike


The way the Post tells it, you might think that the Transport Workers Union (TWU) had engineered a coup and had forcibly taken control of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. It fact, it was all quite legal. Interests such as the TWU have used their political influence to obtain the expensive contracts that place the riders a distant second, after the employees and the taxpayers an even more distant third. The MTA was not compelled to sign overly expensive labor contracts. Albany was not compelled to insulate transit unions from the economic reality faced by everyone else, including private sector union members. Washington was not compelled to give transit labor unions job protections that would be the envy of European public sector unions. These protections are a considerable factor in driving expenditures up 100% (inflation adjusted) over the past 25 years, while ridership has risen only 40%. The appointed and elected representatives did so willingly, and to the detriment of the people, whom they were supposed to represent.

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