A Billion Dollar Federal Grant to Reduce Travel Time by 48 Minutes

Ken Orski Commentary on High Speed Rail (Illinois, California and Elsewhere

Excerpt… More at..http://www.newgeography.com/content/001954-a-billion-dollar-federal-grant-reduce-travel-time-48-minutes

Whether the program will, indeed, come to an untimely end will depend on the next Congress. To the incoming Republican lawmakers, eager to make good on their promise to cut federal spending, any unspent HSR funds will present a tempting target for rescission. In addition, future appropriations for the program will have to compete with other urgent transportation priorities amid pressures to trim discretionary spending and Congressman Mica’s announced intent to revisit the program and refocus it in ways that, in his words, "makes sense."

It is not a scenario that offers high-speed rail advocates much cheer in the New Year.

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