Overselling Transit: The Four Hour Commute

A recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times eloquently illustrated the limits of mass transit in modern societies. This is not to imply that that transit does not have its place, nor that it does not provide a most useful service where it can. The problem has been the overselling of a mode that has very serious limitations. This has led to misallocations of financial resources that could be more efficiently used for the roadway expansions that would relieve traffic congestion and reduce both air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while encouraging greater jobs creation and economic growth.

The commentary ends with a plea for completion of the Los Angeles Expo light rail line, suggesting that "we will all gain the choice of leaving our cars at home." Yet, one of the authors has a 50 mile commute that cannot be completed in much under three hours, with or without the Expo light rail line.

More at: http://www.newgeography.com/content/001960-overselling-transit


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