Tampa to Orlando High-Speed Rail: Keeping Promises to Taxpayers?

These decisions will soon be made by newly elected Governor Rick Scott, whose has stated that his evaluation will be driven by the impact on Florida taxpayers.

Doc Dockery, former chairman of the now-defunct Florida High Speed Rail Authority andfinancier of a now repealed constitutional amendment that required building high speed rail has "pooh-poohed" the risk of cost overruns, noting that the Florida Department of Transportation "has said repeatedly" that any bidder must "give a fixed price. This means no cost overruns." He continues, "how can this be more plainly stated?" Regrettably, the experience reveals the rhetoric to fall far short of what is required to protect taxpayers.

If construction proceeds, the Governor and state will be exposed to an over-whelming challenge to keep the $280 million promise to taxpayers.

More at: http://www.newgeography.com/content/001990-tampa-orlando-high-speed-rail-keeping-promises-taxpayers


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