A More Objective Attitude Toward the Suburbs (Almost)

William Upski Wimsatt, author of Bomb the Suburbs, has now published an update called Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs. The title of Wimsatt’s original book, focusing on grafitti and hip-hop culture, has a ring reflective of the irrational and ideological condemnation that has been far too typical of some of the urban planning community.

Wimsatt cites five myths about suburbs in a Washington Post opinion piece. To be charitable, he gets as many as four of them right. These include his discovery that suburbs are not white middle-class enclaves, that they can be "cool," that they are not necessarily politically conservative, and that suburbanites care about the environment.

However, Wimsatt still has some distance to go

More at… http://www.newgeography.com/content/002050-a-more-objective-attitude-toward-suburbs-almost


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